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Analysis of the rock or concrete to be demolished with the help of a geologist.

Vibration measurement

Measurement of the vibrations produced by our demolition systems with the use of related equipment by a geologist.


Carrying out the administrative procedures related to the demolition work on site.


Perforation, both manual and mechanical.

Contrôle structurel

Verification of the reinforced concrete structure and production of the relative report made by an engineer.


The use of AUTOSTEM  cartridges and other controlled demolition systems by an explosives expert.

Put power into your work

our cartridges


The year 2013 marks the first revolutionary non-detonating autostem cartridge. The first cartridge in the world for demolition that does not require jamming, which can be used for rocks and concrete of different hardness. Safer and more effective than the traditional detonating explosives, the auto stem cartridge offers the user several advantages, previously unimaginable, in the use of conventional explosives.


After the release of the autostem 1 cartridge on the market, in order to always provide more innovative, reliable and advanced solutions in the field of demolitions, in 2015 non-explo presented the autostem 2 cartridge in Italy. It is the first cartridge in the world to have the double jamming with a locking system which allows the cartridge to be kept in the chosen position and also in the vertical holes.


The patented AUTOSTEM 3 system released in 2018 is equipped with a dual self-current system that allows for greater potential and safety than the previous models. The cartridges are constructed with a helical shape for greater adhesion to the walls of the hole and for a better demolition capacity. From 35 mm in diameter size, the cartridges come with a built in self protection mechanism (safety switch) against accidental triggering.


A. Impossibility of accidental triggering without confinement in a borehole
B. No risk of explosion, shelf life of 18 months
C. Minimal projection of rock fragments
D. Minimal fragmentation and no damage caused by the explosion
E. No vibration damage
F. No harmful gaz production, in fact, the cartridges are approved for the use in closed environments.
G. No impact on surrounding infrastructure

Easy to use

A. There is no room for human error in the loading of holes
B. Extremely simple to use: place the cartridges in the hole and then detonate.
C. Immediate recovery in cas of non-priming.
D. Accelerated loading times due to the absence of jamming
E. Significant improvement in the efficiency and value of raw materials